Begin: Seeking Afflatus

Once again I am Seeking Afflatus. I believe that we as creatives are making work at a very exciting and important time in our human history. The moments that cross down the timeline of shared experiences in art, love, friendship, and family is the webbing of our human nature. This blog is another connection within the webs of those interatctions. Here, I would like to create, build, share and appreciate work. To discuss creativity, what it is, where it comes from, how it moves through us as individuals. To look to those who have found it, thrived in it, harnessed it, or translated it, discuss creative commons, idea sharing, collaboration, community of creatives, social art, and creative education… I beleive that a healthy creative life is had by one who is constantly seeking, making, learning, and playing. What a fantastic time in history to be an art maker...

Looking for Alice Abstract Transversal 2014 - ©cadrianaubrae

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