Paper to Paper : Grid Number One



I have recently been haunted by th heaps of junk mail, the stacks of piles of piles of stacks that are in a steady stream through the mail slot. The artist hoarder in me wants to keep this mess, to clutter the corners of shelves, feed files in the back of my cabinet, in boxes of refrences for my students all tucked away in one of two lockers. I want to keep it for future brainstroming or future projects. Paper by the pounds arrives at the house. Transient materials. Transient ideas, ads, articles about popes and drug dealers, current events, obituartys. The mass becomes one simple sheet of textured paper.

I fight the hoarder in me and what does not become recycled art becomes recycled or composted...

Project is in slow roll mode... Check in for more soon!


The Girl Scouts of America, Yes it is true I was a girl scout until the 7th grade, when we all dispersed and did the middle school thing. One of my forever wonderful friends was a girl I met all the way back to the brownies. Among many things I remember doing, I remember making recycled paper from newspapaper in giant buckets in the grass at the park, I dont remember what we did with it, I just remember the feeling of squishing the pulp between my fingers. The paper maker within me has been dorment for many many years, but is now elbow deep in paper pulp buckets and screen.

Austin Kleon.

These are partly inspired by black out poems, a regurgitation of sorts, in tribute to a man with good ideas, the concept of creative linage has kept me up at night, so true and honest and simple. I have loved his books, lectures ideas and presentation of message.

Aurora Robson.

Her work is stunning, a fantastical body of work with a powerful and big awesome voice to a very ugly and very serious problem. I am in awe of her junkmail work, her instalations. Truly amazing work!