World Patriot

Today I woke up early, watched moments roll over social media from the September 11th the 14th memorial. Made my favorite artisan drip coffee and began sifting the usual piles while thinking, shit, has it really been fourteen years already. An earthquake of social movement, a spike in generational social patterns, a hash mark on a historical timeline. Like any pivotal moment in our social history, we all have our own story about where we were, what we were doing, what we were thinking, how everything changed after that. I still get the same feeling in my gut when watching the footage. Annually, I find myself like a moth to the flame a voyeur of past horror, clicking through images and videos of first hand accounts, documentaries, low resolution home videos, conspiracy concepts, expert opinions and expert conspiracy concept opinions. I find this VIDEO particularly thought provoking and very real, not for fragile watching. I suppose whatever you beleive happend that day, the how and why, it is undeniable that it the world has a different spin after the events that day set in motion.

That day learned that I am a world patriot, in the moments following and years now gone by that has been my reality. We are all in this together. We choose what we beleive and we choose how we behave.

World Patriot USA ©cadrianaubrae

World Patriot France ©cadrianaubrae

World Patriot Switzerland ©cadrianaubrae

The World Patriot project is intended to be a visual statement of patriotism of humanity. A celebration of human heritage, culture, respect for history and hope for future human collaboration, discovery, success and progress.

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